Behind the Book Blogger Tag

Blogmas 2019

Hello good people! For those of you who celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I saw this tag over at Literary Weaponry and decided to tag myself. So, thanks!

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Answer all the questions below
  • Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx
  • Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about to do this tag

Why did you start blogging and why have you kept blogging?

My friend Emily got me into blogging. She has a book blog of her own and really wanted me to blog as well. I liked her blog so I decided to give it a go and here we are. I keep blogging because it is fun. I get burned out sometimes though (I am a mood poster) and have to take breaks. I just don’t like forcing myself to write something when I don’t feel like writing it.

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

I like tags. They are an easy way to give little mini reviews and they sometimes have really interesting prompts.

What are your top 3 favorite blog posts?

I don’t have actual 3 all time favorite blog posts, but my 3 favorite types of blog posts are tags, most anticipated books, and my friend Emily’s fate of her book haul posts.

What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

Read, play video games, binge Netflix.

What are 3 of your favorite things?

My friends, my cat, books.

What are your proudest blogging moments?

Uh…blogging is very VERY casual for me, so I don’t really feel things like pride over it. I suppose if I manage to actually complete Blogmas this year I will be happy. I dunno if I will be proud though.

What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

Reading, traveling, playing video games, playing table top games, watching anime, knitting.

Describe your personality in 3 words?

Cheerful, introverted, quirky

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

I hate being in wet clothing, I hate getting my face wet, and I hate creating dirty dishes when I cook.

What’s something your followers don’t know about you?

I was adopted.

That’s all for today, folks! (I know, I know, according to the rules I am supposed to tag 5 people…eff that, I almost never tag people. If you liked the tag and wanna do one yourself, then tag yourself. Cheers!)

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