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“Oh look! Another glorious morning. I hate it.” My gosh I love this movie. Anyway, I was browsing my followed blogs here on WordPress, and I saw that Kristen @KristenKravesBook had done this tag. I wasn’t actually tagged, but I just can’t resist doing this book tag. Tis the season right?

Anyway, the Rules:

There are no rules. It’s YOUR blog. But it would be nice if you linked back to Never Not Reading (tag creator), and maybe the person who tagged you too. Share the love folks.

Feel free to use the GIFs used by Never Not Reading, the graphics made by Flavia the Bibliophile if you would like, both, or make and use your own visuals!

The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop – This is probably my favorite trilogy of all time. You know how you have that world in your head that you disappear to when you need to not be in this world for a bit? Many people invent their own world, but many people also have a world based on well, a book. My interior world is built from this series. Technically, there are more than just three books based in this world, but these three were the original trilogy.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman – This one was kinda hard for me, because I don’t often read books with truly evil villains, whether male or female. I actually had to look up books with female villains! And to be honest, it has been so long since I read this series, that I am not really sure if Mrs. Coulter qualifies as truly evil. But I’ll just go with this answer.

One person that did pop into my head was Baru from The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson. However, I didn’t think she qualified as truly evil. Maybe from the perspective of the other characters in the book she would seem truly evil, but since she is the protagonist, and we the readers see into her head and know her motivations, it is hard to call her truly evil. It is possible my opinion on that will change once I read the second book though.

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling – I mean, this is the quintessential one right? What is truly uncanny about it is that it is a children’s book that attracts adults.

The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune – Ok, so, you have to be careful with T.J. Klune books. He can have you laughing so hard you pee your pants on one page, and then emotionally rip out your heart on the next page. This is definitely the silliest of his books (so far), but I have heard later books in this series get very heart-rippy, and I am terrified to read further.

The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons – Perhaps the first book in this series, Hyperion, would fit this prompt better, but a lot of the things people find pretentious about it, I actually thought was clever (the whole mimicking The Canterbury Tales thing….once I learned that each story also mimicked a different style of science fiction, that’s where it turned the corner for me from pretentious to cool). This book was also really excellent, at least up until the end where several things came to light that just made me roll my eyes.

An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon – This book pulls no punches

A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas – I DNFed the first book in this series and have no intention of ever picking it up again. I had major issues with it, and I don’t understand how anyone reading this book and noticing those same issue doesn’t find it deeply concerning. And yet, more and more books keep coming out for this series. According to Goodreads, there are 6 planned books I guess? I don’t know, I am just sick of hearing about this garbage.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck – This was a really hard prompt for me because I tend to read about evil genius (or just super genius) type characters because I love them so. So I went with a school read and picked Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men.

Nod by Adrian Barnes – There were meant to be two books after this one, but sadly the author passed away before he could write any more. I was left with so many questions in this book, and they will never be answered.

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer – I’m just gonna leave this here and run away and hide. Nah, just kidding. So, the first book of this series, was meh, lot’s of issues but whatever. This book was better. I don’t even remember what happens in three. And I DNFed book four. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I had to read any of them again, it would be book 2. Is it still garbage? Yes. But sometimes a person just wants to read garbage. Is there better garbage out there? Sure, but there is also a lot worse garbage out there.

The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton – I don’t even know what this prompt means. Doesn’t every book have a mind of it’s own? Like, what the heck prompt? Anyway, this one popped into mind (haha) for it’s uniqueness.

The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth (Illustrator), Mike Dringenberg (Illustrator), Malcolm Jones III (Illustrator), Todd Klein (Letterer), Karen Berger (Introduction/Editor) – Technically, this is the first instance of meeting Neil Gaiman’s version of Lucifer Morningstar, but as the character then got his own spinoff comic series, as well as a TV show, I’m calling this a cameo. 

If you enjoyed this tag, please feel free to do one of your own! Specifically, I tag Emily @Embuhleeliest, Madi @TheMadiWay, and @allthingsmommablog.

7 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus Book Tag

  1. I couldn’t agree more about The Court of Thorns and Roses, so many people recommended it and it turned out to be utter trash in a fairy-tale disguise… But I actually very much enjoyed the Fall of Hyperion – it went totally downhill afterwards, with Endymion, but the first two books were glorious 😀

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