2019 r/Fantasy Book Bingo Half Way Update

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Hello everyone! I haven’t posted an update for this reading challenge for a good long while, and as we have hit the half way point, I figured it was a perfect time to check in with y’all and share my progress. So, here is how it is going so far:

fantasy book bingo card 10.3.19-1

I have managed to get 2 bingos (so, technically I have already “won” this year…but I am still aiming for a black out), and in 5 cases I am one square away from another bingo.


  • 16/25 books read
  • 12/16 hard mode (the yellow shaded squares indicate hard mode)

At this point I have completely lost track of what books were mentioned in my original TBR posts and which ones weren’t. (If you recall, I left my TBR rather vague, and gave myself lots of options for each square so that I wouldn’t feel trapped/pressured into reading specific books.)

Anyway, I am doing pretty good so far this year. I am most excited to read the book I have planned for the Ocean Setting square. I plan to read The Deep by Rivers Solomon. It is being published next month and I am SO EXCITED!

Good luck to everyone who is participating!

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